Using Blackboard: Pasting Word Documents into Blackboard

APA documents are usually submitted to Blackboard as an attachment. Some instructors ask students to paste the text of a document directly into Blackboard and this can cause formatting problems because of the differences between Blackboard and Microsoft Word (and other word processing programs).

To paste text from Word to Blackboard:

  • Copy the text from Word
  • Click the Mashup icon in Blackboard and select “Paste from Word.”
Paste to Blackboard using the Mashup button

Paste to Blackboard using the Mashup button

Video instructions

If you have to paste text into Blackboard from a Microsoft Word document see this great video posted by UTC:

Written instructions

Missouri State has some well-written instructions here:
How to paste from Microsoft Word to Blackboard

Using older versions of Blackboard

If your school is using an older version of Blackboard or has not installed the tools described in the above instructions see these older video instructions from a bossier parish community college.
Using Text Editor to format a Word document for use in Blackboard

If your school does not have these Blackboard tools installed you can make a suggestion to have them installed. You will be helping all Blackboard users save time! More info from Blackboard is here:
Paste From Word Mashup for Blackboard

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