MLA Software For Windows

Our MLA software templates for Windows fully integrate with Word to make typing MLA documents simple. There’s no additional software or learning curve to worry about. An MLA menu is automatically added to Word when you create a document using the software. The 8th Edition MLA Word template is available right at your fingertips.

With our MLA software, you can create an MLA Word document with just about any version of Word from Word 95 right up through Word 2016 and Office 365.

Take a Look at our MLA Software Word Template Menu in a Windows View

Our Word menu to help you format MLA style

Our Word menu to help you format MLA style

The MLA software tab includes menu items to:

  • Create MLA references
  • Add citations with up to six different example styles
  • Type properly formatted MLA style subheadings
  • Change document settings including changing the font in the body and header with one click

Our works cited screens are tailored to help you enter exactly the right info for a perfectly formatted works cited list. Our screens are not generic one-size-fits-all screens like our competitors. Click the below image to see the entire screen.

Our data entry screens are designed specifically for the type of item you are citing so you always know what to enter.

See the complete list of MLA software features here

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