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Hey guys….
I purchased your software as an attempt to get some help navigating the APA formats this morning.
Immediately after purchasing and downloading the program (which was VERY easy) I used it to write a paper I had in outline.

I was BLOWN away at how easy it was to use and the results were amazing!
It’s been 23+ years since I was in school and had to write a paper and I just want to say
THANK YOU for developing this program. I hope to use it for years!!!

Ty Permenter, University of Texas

Customer sent us instructor's feedback

A on first paper I used ReferencePoint on!

Laura Stephens (click image to see instructor’s feedback)

Testimonial about Reference Point Software APA template

I wrote [a paper with your software] and received an A on it.

Christopher Howerton, AASN:RN, MSN-FNP-BC, PMSNC-NE-BC

Fantastic program! Just the automatic reference page and ease of citations were worth the price. Purchasing it was a breeze. I had the software downloaded and was using it within 10 minutes. I would recommend this program to anyone who has to write APA papers, it takes a lot of the pain out of the process.

Laurie L. Leonhardt, Mt. San Jacinto College

This software is a life saver! I’m writing my dissertation and I can’t imagine any better way to organize all these sources.

Kaley, Concordia University – Portland

Mary Breckinridge, Frontier Nursing Service

Mary Breckinridge, founder of Frontier Nursing Service

A discussion came up in my alumni forum about the 1998 Mary Breckinridge stamp. (She is the founder of my school). I entered an ADN- BSN program in 1998 with the sole intent of getting into Frontier Nursing University and earning an MSN. As a full time working mom, that felt like a very unachievable goal. I was having doubts about my ability to accomplish this goal. [Then] my Reference Point software arrived in the mail. I looked down and found Mary Breckinridge looking back from the stamp. I felt it was a message that I could do it. I eventually earned several certificates and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. Reference Point Software has been with me through each program and each new computer. Today when I looked for that stamp to show my friends I noticed every Reference point package had a woman stamp. Thanks for taking the journey with me.

Rhonda Howery Arthur

I purchased your software and it was FANTASTIC for use as I completed my MBA. It helped me in the preparation of a multitude of APA papers and discussion posts as I finished my MBA on-line through Upper Iowa University! The software was incredibly easy to use and thanks to it, I received nearly perfect marks for my APA writing.

John Lantry, Upper Iowa University

I LOVE the software! It saved me hours and hours of work, not to mention the hassle and frustration. I never would have imagined an APA paper being so easy to write and format!!! I’ve recommended it to all my classmates. Well done! Thank you so much for creating it and sharing it with us all!

Tracey S., Northern Arizona University

I would not have made it through grad school if had not learned of your APA product. My grades in Undergrad on papers averaged a 92 percent, with a tremendous amount of work. I bought Reference Point Software in my first semester of grad school and my grades shot up to a 99%, with a lot less effort.

Gloria Menard, MSN, CCRN
Academic Coach for UTA

I have used Reference Point both in the APA and the MLA for years. We will be partners for years and I highly recommend them to other students, faculty and anyone who writes.

Larry Richardson, University of Phoenix

I used Reference Point Software for my entire undergraduate degree and I am continuing to use it now in my graduate course work. Out of all the so-called ΓÇ£APAΓÇ¥ style aids out there on the market, Reference Point is by far the most comprehensive, accurate, affordable, and easy-to-use style software on the market anywhere today.

Barry Bazzell, BSB/M, University of Phoenix, Nashville, TN Campus

I have used this for all my school work for 2 years. The professors repeatedly state that they will subtract for any errors in the APA format and to this date I have NEVER had this happen to me. Your software is a Godsend and just plain GREAT!!!

Jerry Chacon, Northern Arizona University

If I may have a moment to give some praise… RPS APA software is hands down the BEST software for writing APA papers. I have been using your software to write countless papers for my BASW program, and now my MSW program. I have never received anything less than an A on formatting, in-text citations, bibliography, and overall presentation of my papers. With the exception of the writing, those A’s were because of your software! Thank you so much for such a STELLAR product and for making 24 page papers a breeze to write!

Kathleen Traversari, Salisbury University

I just wanted to let you know that this is the best $27.95 I have ever spent. Since receiving your APA template, my essays were perfect! My last five grades were AΓÇÖs thanks to my essays. Thank you.

Linda Healy, Ashford University

I have and LOVE LOVE (did I say LOVE?) your program and how many “A’s” I received when I was working on my MS through University of Phoenix – online…..once I started using this program I never received less than an A on a paper, nor did my “Team Members” on our team papers. I have been doing my best here in South Carolina to get the word out about how marvelous your program is for the price. I have been amazed how I am still using it, today!!!

THANK YOU for this simple and small, user friendly, “plug and chug” program!!!! I do my best to let young people heading off to college know to get your program, even high school students!!!!

Helen Throckmorton, UOP

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I “Totally” appreciate your support and service center. I have enjoyed using your program since I enrolled in College, yours is the best I have ever used.

Lisa J. McKeen, Empire State College

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