More Testimonials

Have used your software for over a year. Was forced to use the Word 2010 APA referencing due to technical difficulties while using another computer. Where I had been getting 100% citing and referencing, I was now getting points taken away. I am sooooooooo glad to be using your program again!

Laura Horn, BSN (working on Master’s), South University, Savannah

BTW I LOVE your software…
I only install extremely useful software. Your Reference Point APA toolkit is one of the most useful I have had in my 25 years in IT.

Mark Woodley, Western Governor’s University

First of all let me say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, this was by far one of the best purchases of my life!!!

Carey Sparbel, Daemen College and University at Buffalo

I am lost without it. Your software is a grade saver!

Elvie Thompson, Strayer University

I have used Reference Point since my undergrad days through two Masters’ degrees and now into my PhD. When I upgraded to Word 2010, I thought I could get along without it. Wrong!! You guys are the best! Thank you again.

Patricia W. Racz, MPS, MCJ
Adjunct Faculty
Nichols School of Professional Studies
Hodges University

I am a nursing instructor at IWCC and I purchased a copy of your software several years ago. I always introduce your product to my students. I love it and can’t stand to write a paper without it.

Melinda A. Schneider RN, BSN
Iowa Western Community College

I love, love, love your product…it has taken me through both my BSN and now almost through my MSN program (only 2 classes to go).
Thanks for years of less stressful writing.
Linda Weber
Immaculata University in PA.

I would just like to say that I am super pleased with Reference Point Software. I only had 2 papers to do this semester, but the APA software made my life and completing the papers pain free.

Joyce Heitmiller

I wanted to say that I have used Reference Point for my BSN and MSN program so far; I graduate 8/12. I have never lost points due to APA format. I swear by this program, I tell every person I know about it. I was referred by an MSN student five years ago.

Jeffrey Eavey, Eastern Mennonite University

Your software has been a complete joy to use, so easy to use and just saves me the whole process of grief when it comes time for writing papers with many APA references! So thanks! I have recommended this software to many, many of my fellow students in the BSN nursing program!

Yvonne Jones, University of Victoria

I do want to tell you that I LOVE your software and being class president, I have told every new student that comes in about it and that it was the best $30 I spent for Nursing school!

Kathryn Rochelle Lawson

I found what I needed with ease, ordered and within one half-hour had my software. With Reference Point Software, I was able to download the application and begin working immediately.

Sonia Manjon, California Institute of Integral Studies

This is my third order with you. First for my master’s, 2nd when I started my doctorate and now for a new computer with Word 2007. I can’t imagine writing a paper without your template and your awesome customer service.

Anni Dodd, LSUHSC School of Nursing

I’m attending the University of Phoenix for my undergraduate and now MBA. I have used your APA template for Word 2000 and Word 2003 for over 300 research papers now. I have consistently had ‘A’s on each paper, partly because your template helps me to keep my papers looking studiously clean and mechanically (APA) perfect. Thanks.

Dwayne P. Shrum, UOP

Just wanted to thank you for your rapid response to my needs. I have been a customer for years, and you keep surpassing your own record for outstanding service. Anytime I have had a problem, you have always responded in a fast and professional manner. This is very important to me since time is of the essence where my college courses are concerned. I don’t know where I would be without my Reference Point. Keep up the good work!!

Joey Howard

I’m a graduate student in psychology and tell all my friends about your great software for the APA version. It cuts through all the red tape and saves me hours and hours worth of work.

Debra A. Foster,
Bellevue University’s online program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in the Department of Human Services

I purchased the software for a friend. I received my Master’s from Grand Canyon University two years ago because of your software. Every chance I get I share your software with my older friends going back to school to get another degree. Thanks for creating such an excellent product.
I made a 4.0 as a result of using your software couldn’t have done it without your software because the APA book was too difficult to use. Your product is user friendly for older more seasoned teachers. I have been teaching for over 20 years. I will eventually go back to school to get my PhD and I plan to use your product when I do.

Shunta Williams, Grand Canyon University

As much as I truly hate APA – I’ve had to work with it for years and find it unwieldy to use and terrifically intrusive to try to read around – I LOVE your program!!! Having been accustomed to using APA without the advantage of an installed program, I can’t tell you how much easier it is to write papers with [your APA template]!

In addition, any time I have had problems with which I have needed assistance, your technical support has been both timely and effective. That point alone sets you above so many other companies!

Janet M. Lampi, RDH, EMT, MS, Ph.D.(ABD), Director, Presentation College Fairmont Campus, Learner, Capella University

Reference Point Software has been the best product I have purchased during my online studies for a dual master’s degree. The software has made writing assignments much easier. I am not very computer literate when it comes to formatting papers. The APA template has made [it possible] to turn in graduate level work. Thank you very much.

Sylvia D Tetzlaff

I have been a Reference Point customer for years, and won’t go anywhere else for APA software. Customer service is always great, and I never have to wait for the product.

Nichole Taylor, Colorado Technical University Online

I have used your APA template for years and I have shared your website with all of my friends working on their degrees. References, headings, tables, long quotes, citations, and title/abstract pages are a breeze thanks to your an easy to use and very helpful product.

H. Brown, University of Phoenix

Best APA Style software template ever–has saved me from a lot of headaches–I like it better than Perrla software. Highly recommend this to anyone who writes a lot of papers–this is the bomb!

Amber Rose, University of Phoenix UOP

This vendor provides a most excellent product at a great low price. I have used Reference Point Softwares APA style and MLA templates for years with no problems and perfect performance in the creation of formal documents, journal articles and a Masters thesis. I had an emergency (of my own creation) late one night and sent an email requesting help in a panic! I couldn’t believe it, but I received an almost instant response. That kind of service is unheard of in todays marketplace.

Malcolm Simpson, National University

I’ve been using this software since 1999, all the way through an MPA program at Florida Gulf Coast University and through the course work for a PhD in Human Resource Development at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. Reference Point’s slick and snag-free products have really simplified the documentation part of the research and writing process. By automating this normally arduous process, Reference Point has allowed me to concentrate on the content, arguably the most important part of any paper while it lets the software automate the reference and formatting aspects of the papers. This is a ‘must have’ for any serious college or graduate student.

Mike Cochran, Barry University in Miami Shores, FL

This is the 3rd or 4th version that I have ordered. It works! and it works beautifully! I am a doctoral student… I prefer Reference Point for its elegant simplicity. That’s smart!

Juanita Joy, Oregon State

I’m a graduate student in psychology and tell all my friends about your great software for the APA version. It cuts through all the red tape and saves me hours and hours worth of work.

Debra A. Foster, Bellevue University, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

APA style template was a “God-send” when I was in graduate school. This program made it so much easier for me to put my papers in the correct format. As well now that I am a nurse practitioner, it has made it easier to submit information to journals for publication. Great software!

Michelle J. Nickolaus, CRNP, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

I ordered the software online for download and not only did it work painlessly but the program itself is super easy to use. You saved my life and a TON of time. I am a student RN and we are required to write all our papers in APA format. My papers are flawless in style and I have received an A every time. Thank you! I have told all my friends.

Cathy Koch, St. John’s River Community College

After hours of beating my brains out with somebody else’s software I was told to try yours. So I did, and within 15 min. I was installed, had my format set, and was dictating my essay. Why do some companies have to be fancy and complicated? Thanks for saving me, I only had hours to get my work done.

Martin Wiseman

I am a returning customer who is VERY happy with the product. I recommend it to all my students.

John L. Craddock, University of Phoenix

I was very pleased with the service provided me by Reference Point. The instant download worked smoothly and I got my CD in a matter of days. After using their software, I give it an A+! It is far superior to [a competitor’s product] and MUCH easier to use! I only wish I had known about them before I wasted my money on the other software. Thanks Reference Point!

Karen Campano, RN and student, University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing

Your template has made life a whole lot easier. After spending money on a few other programs, yours is the one that finally got it done.

Freddie Gateley, Aviation Science Major, Utah Valley State College

Great product, and great service every time I contact them. I have often communicated my overall satisfaction with Reference Point Software – their software made my undergrad studies more “do-able”, and that has continued now in my grad work. I give their web site to many of my colleagues.

Dee Zander, MSN student, Wilmington College

Worked extremely well with Mac office X. I have used their software for 4 years, its a great product.

Timothy Kerlin, Ph.D., Wright State University, College of Education and Human Services

Over the years I have ordered three versions of this software from Reference Point. Each time, customer service (and the software) exceeds my expectations. I recommend this company and their software to colleagues regularly. They are truly a service driven operation.

Mary Lou Hoffmann, RN Clinical Nurse Specialist

The APA Template you offer is truly a life saver. It makes the difference between an A paper and an F paper.

Linda Davis, University of Phoenix

I recommended the APA software to several other psychology students in my classes. I know for a fact it saved me hours writing my paper and will save many more in the future. Great product!

Denise Jay, University of Toledo

I am an MSW student and your APA software has been a God send. It is invaluable. I also am a 4.0 student, I am sure in part to the professional presentation of my papers.

Sally Barbieri, Southern Connecticut State University

I received wonderful customer assistance from Reference Point Software. I have been able to utilize the APA Style Template Software to save me a great deal of time and stress. It is a superior product from a helpful supportive company.

Cindy Higgins, Graduate Student, Eastern Illinois

I ordered the template for Word 97 in 1997 from Reference Point for my bachelor’s completion and have been using the template since then for my Master’s work. It has been of immense help throughout my studies.
I am a teaching assistant for UMKC and have recommended [the template to] my students and to the rest of the faculty at UMKC Nursing.

Kip Davis, RN, BSN, University of Missouri, Kansas City

This was so easy to download. Was up and running in literally minutes! I purchased my first version of your software for Wordperfect 6.1 and it made my graduate work (CNEP – distance learning) go so smoothly.
Today my daughter was struggling with her first Psych paper in APA (with Word 2000), so this download will be a lifesaver. I also have one more paper to finish for my last research class for my masters at Case Western, so the new version will get good use.

Mary Knauer, Case Western

Thanks so much! I’d like you to know that I’m a true APA template fan. I’ve encouraged all the incoming students to purchase your software, so they’re not up late at night trying to write a paper, only to have their word processor change their format at the last minute. What a brilliant idea! Thanks again!

Susan Wise, Holy Names College

I just received my template for APA style and I’ve just completed the tutorial. I LOVE YA’LL! This is exactly the program I have been wanting for the last two years. You can be assured I will be passing this valuable information along to my classmates. I can’t begin to tell you how much simpler you’ve made my life.

Tracy Tullos, University of Southern Mississippi

My students have been ordering RPS for five years now, and they are uniformly pleased. David stands behind his product, and it’s a terrific time saver for students and research writers.

Rosemary Camilleri, Ph.D., Camilleri Seminars: Writing Skills Management

I ordered your product a few months ago and have been pleased. As an Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice at Chaminade University of Honolulu, I have been encouraging my students to buy and use your product.
I can’t tell you how helpful it is.
Mahalo (Thank You)

John Cascamo, Chaminade University of Honolulu

Yesterday I received my APA template. I must admit that I was a little skeptical about the effectiveness of this product. However, I must also admit that I really had nothing to be skeptical about in the first place. It is an outstanding educational tool, and has simplified my life more than you will ever know. Thanks for the invention and may you reap many, many rewards from it; I know that I have.

Priestly Parker, III, University of Colorado at Denver, Counseling Psychology Counselor Education Graduate Program

This is a must have for anyone who uses the MLA writing style. It saves a ton of time and effort.

Adam Roe, University of Illinois

I had a few questions about the product before I purchased it. I contacted customer service via e-mail and they responded the same day with exact answers to each question! That is almost unheard of in this day and age. I downloaded the MLA product, and received the CD in the mail too, and so far it works great! I would suggest any student that wants to concentrate on the paper and not the format, buy this product… its GREAT! Thanks Reference Point!

Mike Darrow, Andersonville Theological Seminary

Just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful software! It saved me so much time! I stressed over the thought of using APA format after so many years of being out of school but then I found this incredibly easy to use software. The tutorials are also very nicely done. It couldn’t have been any easier. Thanks again.

Germaine Hull, University of Phoenix

Used your product with a recent term paper, it was wonderful. Took all the fuss and worry away from my project and I was able to devote more time to creatively writing my paper.

Mary Ann December, Carlow University

Great software. I highly advise anyone working on their MBA to save valuable time and buy it! Why waste time worrying about the correct format, when this software does it for you?

Joel Brown, MBA Finance, National University

I just finished an MLA-style research paper for my undergraduate degree. The Reference Point Software made my citations and references so easy they were fun! Thanks for making this software available. It integrates seamlessly with Word and exceeds my expectations. Thanks for the help.

Gerald Wurmlinger, Davenport University

The customer service has been excellent. I’m happy with the product and have found it to be most useful in preparing college writing assignments.

Kate Sullivan, Brevard Community College and the University of Central Florida

This is the best [APA] software I have purchased for school. I have told my friends about it and they love it as well. The customer service is the best. I left a message once over the weekend and a live person called me back. It is user friendly, I cannot say enough. THANK YOU,THANK YOU for making my life easier.

Dorothy Jones, Slippery Rock University RN to BSN program

I have used Reference Point Software [for APA & MLA] for a number of years. The quality of product has saved me innumerable hours in preparing and publishing research papers and theses, at a scholarly academic level. Their customer response and service has always been prompt and accommodating. The pricing is excellent in relationship to the value. I cannot say enough in praise of this organization and the manner in which they conduct business.

Malcolm L. Simpson, M.S., National University, School of Education, Fresno California Campus

After you use the product, you wish that you’d known about Reference Point Software long before, and you do all you can to recommend that others take advantage of this great product!

Linda Miller, Regis University

This was the best educational purchase I have ever made. It took all the guess work out of citing and posting references in APA style. It would have taken me hours to research reference styles in the APA manual and I still would have made mistakes! The software was easy to download and very user friendly. I have recommended it to my entire class.

Eve Heaton, USC

I can not say enough about the great customer service provided to me for this transaction. Would definitely reccomened product if you are a nursing student and are required to write APA format papers.

John Savvides, Goodwin College

I am a second year masters student in nursing and this software is great. Its allowed me to concentrate on the content of my masters paper because it takes care of the formatting for me. I’ve tried several types of APA style formatting software in the past and this one is the best. Dont waste your money on anything else!

M. Doyle, RN, BSN The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I am completely happy with the service I received – which was prompt – and with the product. Reference Point is easy to use, the tutorials are excellent and the instruction manual easy to understand. It took much of the angst out of writing a research paper – especially for someone who hasn’t written one in about 30 years!

Cheryl Schlagheck

For those who absolutely need a APA format for a paper, this is one of the best products I have ever used. I have had deallings with this company for over 5 years and 3 software versions. The ordering process is painless and their support is topnotch.

Joe Kavanagh

Using APA format to complete my assignments for my master’s degree has saved me hours of stress and fustration. I am so grateful to have found your product, which I have used for the past 2 years, that I tell everyone that they should buy it! No use in stressing yourself out when there is a product out there that can simplify your life.

Sonia Fernandez, Azusa Pacific University

I just wanted to “thank you” for the prompt response and solution to my APA problem. The program works beautifully and I was able to complete my term paper without any further problems. Your service is super and I will definitely tell all my college friends and students about your company.

Luann Kraus, Youngstown State University

I am a MBA student at Morrison University in Reno, Nevada. As all graduates students know, I must do a lot of writing, and I must use many sources in preparing my papers. Reference Point Software makes building an APA reference page almost effortless.

David Burlison, Morrison University

I have used your software through my entire education process. I am now in my Doctorial program and so pleased to see that there is now a 2010 version. I recommend your product to other students struggling with APA. Your product makes life so much easier and less time consuming.

Kathy Van Horn, Walden University

I just want to thank you for developing such a wonderful piece of technology. I am currently working on MSN program and Reference Point has been such a helpful tool. I am grateful. Thank You, Good Medicine

Redstar Tyner Mello RN

In the notes of my recent order I identified that I had already purchased APA 5 and now needed the newest APA 6th version. They applied a refund to my order of APA 6 based on “up-grading.” Very nice to see folks that are concerned about customer service. I highly recommend this company and their templates.

Edward J. Liebig

As a customer of Reference Point Software, I have had the most rewarding expirence utilizing this product for the intended purposes of advancing my career. The applications that it provides allows the professional appearence of work at all times. This is truly and amazing instrument in preparing quality work at all levels. Thanks for developing this program.

Jerome Shoemaker, Columbia College

I think of you as my dearest friends….. you have saved me days of work……

Louise M. Schneider, University of Hawaii, University of New Mexico, Strayer University

Thanks again for such a great product. I am now working on my MSN and every discussion, assignment, etc., is always in APA. I say a quiet little thank you every time I have to put a reference in a discussion – I don’t have to worry is it correct – I just type and your product does all the work. I look at it like a stress reliever. Thanks again.

Melinda Schneider, Nebraska Methodist College

I really enjoyed how easy it made my papers and have had about 10 co-workers and friends download this software as well.

Darlene S, Purdue Calumet