MLA and APA Format FAQs

The Reference Point Software team is available to help answer all of your questions. First, take a look below. Many of the most frequently asked questions are answered here:

Do you support 64-bit Office?
Yes, our Word for Windows MLA and APA format software is compatible with Office 64-bit.

Do you support Word Starter Edition or Office Starter Edition?
Our MLA and APA format templates for Word will not work with Word Starter Edition or Office Starter Edition because this version of Word does not support any automation at all.

Our software for OpenOffice for Windows can be used with Word Starter Edition. Please review the tutorials for our product for OpenOffice to see what this software looks like.

Where do I find your MLA and APA software updates?
In Windows click Start, All Programs, APA Style (or MLA Style), Online Updates

On a Mac, click the name of the program while it is running from the top menu, and select Check for updates.

How do you handle the need for software upgrades?
Upgrading means going to a new version of a style or word processing software. Upgrades for our MLA and APA software are free for 6 months and then 1/2 price after that.

To get the upgrade price, please ask us for an upgrade code. When contacting us, give us enough info to find your order, e.g., the email address used when you ordered or your name and zip code.

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Please visit the comprehensive FAQ page.

Need Customer Support?

For additional, one-on-one customer support and answers to your MLA and APA format questions, contact our Reference Point Software team here: support request.