How to cite a Google map in APA Style

A customer recently asked us how to cite a Google map in APA style. There is no specific entry in the APA Publication Manual for doing this. We suggested that she cite this as a web page because that is what it is.

To cite a web page you need the URL. Here is how to get the URL for a Google Map.

  1. Search Google maps for the location you are discussing in your paper
  2. Click the more link (see the screen shot)
  3. Click the Send menu choice
  4. Click the Send button to email yourself the URL or right click the map and select Copy URL
  5. Once you copy the URL (from your email or by right clicking) you can paste the URL into the reference

Hint: you can shorten the URL from this:,-76.81581&client=google-maps-sharing&signature=BjfaXtSQhtgj_ShmYRdLinN6nc4=

To this:,-76.81581

being sure to leave the longitude and latitude which is at the end of the URL. You can even change the size of the map by editing the size property in the URL. In the above example 300×300 is the size. A good size might be 700×700 or maybe a bit larger.

Be careful when citing news articles in your apa papers

Getting the URL of a Google map

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